Student Creative Event

Student Design Competition Criteria

1. Student must complete an application. It must be received on or before April 1, 2019. At that time contestants will be instructed where to post their videos.

2. Students must be within a year of graduating high school or in college or graduate school.

3. Proof of GPA 2.75 or higher; transcript required with the application on April 1, 2019.

4. The design concept must include an original costume design of the student’s choice. This can include any genre; Historical, Theatrical, Masquerade, Steampunk, Anime, Cosplay, Sci-fi or anything that is a costume.

5. The costume must not exceed 8 feet in height. The costume must be practical, durable and wearable.

6. Costume must be presented on a model and ready for a runway show. You may also participate via Skype. Skype participants please see below. Everything must be with the costume that completes the look that the student wants to represent.

7. Student needs to provide his or her own model. Skype participants please contact the event chairman for instructions.

8. Student needs to provide a 1-minute or less typed runway description.

9. The entire costume must be completed on $100 or less for purchased materials. The student may use materials found around the house or school.

10. Any materials may be used.

11. Students must be supervised by an instructor or mentor and all designs must be the original work of the student

12. The costume remains the possession of the designer.

13. All applicants must present a 1-minute video presentation of their completed costume on or before May 31, 2019. (Details will be released to applicants after April 30, 2019) A jury of costume designers from the National Costumers Association will select up to 12 finalists to present their costumes at a runway presentation at the National Costumers Association’s Bi-Annual conference. The conference will be held in Kansas City, MO, July ,2019. Finalists will be notified via email and followed by a letter on or before June 4, 2019.

14. A written project presentation must be a display at the appointed time and place at the Kansas City Convention in July 2019. The written project presentation must include:

a. A designer’s statement that includes concept or motivation

b. Rough sketches of the costume

c. Final color renderings of the costume

d. Fabric swatches and material list

e. A cost break down of materials used

f. Photos of the work in progress

g. Research documentation

h. Explanation of processes used to complete the costume

i. The costume may be displayed on a dress form or worn by the model

j. Any additional relevant Information the designer wishes to share.

15. Finalists may attend or Skype in during the runway show and project display.

16. One $1,500 scholarship to be used at your school of choice will be awarded to the winner and a one (1) year student membership to the National Costumers Association will be awarded to all finalists.

17. A panel of fashion and costume design experts from the Kansas City, MO area, as well as members of the National Costumers Association will adjudicate the final phase of judging.

18. The final decision will come from the judges. Participants will be given a packet with the critiques of the judges after the awards ceremony.

19. The costumes will be judged on; runway presentation, craftsmanship, wearability, presentation, thoroughness of display materials, and compliance to the rules.

20. A runway show will be presented. Participant’s family, friends, and instructors are encouraged to attend the runway presentation at no charge.

21. Photographs will be taken of the final costumes after the runway event. .

22. Participants are responsible for any expenses incurred during the convention.

23. The National Costumers Association reserves the rights to use these images in their publications and on their website.

24. Displays will be open before the runway show, during judging and one (1) hour after the runway show.

25. Students are responsible for setting up and breaking down their own displays. The National Costumers Association will not be responsible for any materials not removed or left unattended from the viewing room. The National Costumers Association will provide a room monitor for the display room. Students participating via Skype must ship their costumes and materials in advance of the competition with detailed instructions for set up. Instructions will be given by the event chairperson.

26. Participants are encouraged to enjoy other events and classes at the convention however, some functions incur a fee.


Student Membership includes:

1. A one year subscription to THE COSTUMER magazine.

2. Access to the members only section of the National Costumers Associations website

3. Right to attend and participate in the 2021 conference

4. Scholarship and internship opportunities

5. Competitions with other designers

6. Education – hands on and business related classes

7. Mentors available

8. Exposure to Costume professionals and manufacturers nationally

9. Winners will be featured in the September 2019 issue of THE COSTUMER magazine.

10. Photographs of the winning costumes may be featured at the 2020 Halloween Trade show booth.